Obama To Start Web Conferencing With His Constituents

The New York Times reporter, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, wrote on The Caucus,

“President Obama is trying to talk directly to the American people these days, making the case for his ambitious agenda in forums as varied as Jay Leno’s late-night television show and a news conference on Tuesday. Now Mr. Obama will have a chance at even more direct engagement, in what the White House is billing as the first Internet video news conference by an American president.”

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Obama is sending an unspoken message to America.  He has utilized the internet more then any other President before him.  He is pushing for change in how our countries leaders will communicate to their constituents for the next millennium.

During the Obama  inauguration, Scott Guthrie on his blog, wrote of how Silverlight was used on the Inauguration Site, www.pic2009.org.

Claire Cain Miller, a New York Times reporter, also wrote an article detailing Obama’s use of the internet during his campaign and how it will change the way of politics.

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